We have been preparing to move since August but with the economy and without to much detail our unconventional way of selling our home I thought that we would have more time. At the beginning of this whole process we agreed to find a place by January whether or not our house had sold, with the new baby coming in March I just wanted to be settled what ever our situation was.

Last month we thought we had found the place of our dreams, I was already beginning to pack (nothing huge just taking down pictures etc.). By the looks of it we were preparing to move in by December 1st. The Sunday before Thanksgiving I received a phone call that informed us that they did not accept our offer and were not going to counter offer. We were devastated, David and I truly thought this was the house God had intended for us.

So it was back to looking on MLS for more homes. The landlord of the house we originally wanted emailed us saying his new neighbor also had rentals and gave us his email. After a week of morning and bitterness we realized we needed to move on LOL, so we emailed him. He emailed back with a house that I was familiar with, I had called on it months ago and it was out of our price range, we emailed back saying what we were comfortable paying and they said they would accept that! So we decided to see the inside, it was nice not as nice as some other rentals but with moving back into the city (rather than commute and live in the suburbs) we knew we had to sacrifice some things. However burnt orange bathroom tile was not what I had envisioned.

We decided that we needed to accept this offer, because we had already lost a great house and were afraid it was going to happen again, and lastly it did meet all of our needs. I was and still am wondering why I am not jumping with joy, I mean I am happy and looking forward to decorating a new place, but I am curious did I really think I was going to get the perfect rental? I guess I figured if I followed God and trusted His timing the heavens were going to open up and drop the perfect rental!

(Trey in his new front yard, I will show pictures when we officially move in)

I am also having a hard time leaving my old house behind. As mush as we have wanted to move this has been our first house we bought together and it was the first house we brought Trey home to. I have amazing memories decorating his room and rocking him to sleep in his room. I know I can make more memories in his new room but it is still rough for me, maybe it is all those crazy pregnancy hormones.

Anyway so I prepared my self to move on January 1st......well it has been bumped up to December 17th. It really does make more sense since David has 2 weeks off starting the 18th. I am just dealing with the fact that it is all happening so fast. I have learned to let go and let David take the lead (something that is very hard for me to do!) I know that he is doing what God is leading him to do I just wished it all wasn't happening around Christmas. I guess I am envious of all you bloggers who are getting to decorate your homes and bake and enjoy the Christmas season. I will be unpacking and not have many decorations out, I WILL have a tree though!

(The day we secured the house with our deposit at our new home)

I know this will probably be some great memory in years to come but at the moment it is a struggle! This post sorta turned out to be a personal journal entry of sorts but I needed to share will all of you since we share so much as a blogging community anyway.

So keep posted I will be asking advice how to decorate around my new burnt orange tile :)

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