I am a hypocrite!

I have a confession to make...I am sort of a hypocrite. I totally blogged yesterday about me adventuring out and making all sorts of cute bows for Aubrey....


Leave it to good ol' Wal-mart to have perfectly made bows at a Wal-mart price (I sound like a commercial!)

So I headed to Wal-mart to buy a few headbands and more hair clips for the bows when of course I "stumbled" upon a plethora of bows!!! I ended up buying almost every type they had....really can you beat $3 a package!!!

At least I have some ready for when we bring her home from the hospital.

But I did make two today (it took almost an hour of me watching a you tube video and trying to work along with her!) But I think they turned out kinda cute....I used old ribbon but I LOVE the zebra one.

I even placed it on Trey's head, you know to see if it looked right...totally cute...I mean the bow.
Of course I did not take any pics of that, It would damage him deeply and I am sure if that picture ever got out, especially to his high-school girlfriend he would never forgive me!!

But here are a few pics of Trey....bowless :)

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