It is starting to look like home

Finally, boxes are being emptied and rooms are taking shape and I could not be more happier or content!

I have most rooms finished but not all of them are clean LOL hence only a few pics today :)

Here is my guest bathroom! I LOVE it, they already had the room painted a soft cream with chair railing. I really had to do nothing to it it was darling to begin with! Now I am no decorator and have never claimed to be but I have to admit I smile every time I walk into this room.

Through blogging I have been exposed to numerous things such as thrifting and apothecary jars. Well here are my goodwill finds from months ago that finally have a home. They were only like $4 each and what could be cheaper than filling them with cotton balls (especially since they were on sale at Target this week....score!)

I wasn't sure if I wanted to use my black pictures and accents but I already had them from our last home and free is free so up they went, and I think they turned out cute.

I know I showed you pics of the kitchen already but here it is with "stuff" in it.

Okay I had to show you my plate, so I LOVE Sugar Pie Farmhouse's blog and she had stated at one time that " A cheerful mom creates a cheerful home" and I was inspired for that to be my motto to live by this year. Well when I was writing this out I couldn't remember the word "cheerful" so I figured "happy" meant the same thing.....well it sorta took on a different feel with the word "happy" but it made David and my parents laugh so it is still up...although I am going to change it back to "cheerful" soon!

Oranges from one of our 3 orange trees...they make the most wonderful orange juice (David had to buy a juicer after we moved in just for freshly squeezed OJ and I can't blame him....... I now understand!

My rooster, another apothecary jar (both from goodwill!) and a sassy apron.

Trey and Rudy in the background :)

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