My new Dollar Tree fave and bows

Today was a hodge podge of a day, I was cancelled from work and had pretty much all day to do nothing. I was going to clean but Thursday's are my cleaning day so I figured I might as well use today as a fun day.

My mom usually watches Trey on Wednesday's but since I was off, so was she :)

We decided to hit up Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree. I need to inform you too that Hobby Lobby is new to the west so it was my mom's first time inside one....she feel IN LOVE!!!

All their ribbon was on sale so I bought up the whole store, really when they are $1 and $2 a role you can't beat that...well you can but this was still a great buy. My plan with most of the ribbon is to make hair bows for Aubrey.


But decided I wanted to try and so sometime in the near future I am going to attempt to make some bows for headbands. I have found a couple of websites that teach you but we will just have to see you talented I really am...not! If all else fails their is always Etsy :)

After a 2 hour trip to HL (and only buying ribbon lol) we headed off to the Dollar Tree.

I swear I can almost always find something, whether it is foil...sponges or this magnificent find!!

Wall Stickers....Okay so it is not Uppercase Living (which I love) but heck for a buck I had to try.

Not bad uhh :)

I love them, I am sooo going back for some for our play room. I only wish they had some for Trey's and Aubrey's room but nothing I was to crazy about. Plus I am probably going to buy some kind of monogram off of Etsy for both of them.

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