The past 2 weeks of pure madness!!!

Okay so maybe people are wondering why I have not posted any pictures of Christmas or of our new house...well sit down grab some dessert and I will give you the readers digest version of the last 3 weeks!

So it all began on Friday, December 18th when we "officially" moved in ...sorta ..David and I stayed the night but left Trey with my in-laws, David and I forgot to call the gas company to turn on the heater, we live in Phoenix so we were able to survive a few nights of it being 58 degrees inside LOL.

By Tuesday we had the hot water running and the heater on...I had our Christmas tree up and half of the family room painted when our lovely holiday season was turned upside down. We started to do laundry and our kitchen sink began to overflow with muddy water the only way to stop it was to stop the laundry mid cycle. Prior to this we already had experienced both toilets leaking but they said they would fix all of this. Then on Wednesday when I was giving Trey a bath the toilets began to over flow as I drained the bath tub...the same day we realized that when we flushed the toilets the shower backed up with sewage......yes gross..yes disgusting but also very maddening since it was now almost a week since we moved in and it was now 2 days before Christmas and our new home was not livable! I felt like Tom Hanks and Shelley Long in the Money Pit!

On Thursday my husband sent out an email to our new landlord discussing all the living conditions and tried to discuss reasonable rent for the current month, the next day (Christmas Day ) she emails back and states that they will not be fixing the plumbing and that we needed to have our stuff out by January 1st! Praise God that I had to work Christmas day because it forced me not to break down!

God new what He was doing though, the next day we contacted a realtor, by 11:30 the same day we saw 5 homes and by 5:00 pm we had contacted the landlord of one and placed and offer on it. After a long day of prayer and lets be honest worry, we found out that the landlord accepted our offer and we could move in Wednesday the same week!!

I LOVE this home..I can not express that enough, I mean God new what neighborhoods we wanted to live in and He even knew the little things that I love (the beadboard in the kitchen!)

Here are some pics of the new home before the move.

I am still tweaking and unpacking so I will have pics up soon!

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