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What a wild Valentines day!

Wow what a wild weekend!

You would think that I am going to post about a wild Valentines day weekend with my hubby well ...sorta .....

Aubrey Tate decided that she wanted to make her grand appearance into our lives that night!

Hello baby girl!

My water broke late that afternoon and she was born at 11:27 at night and weighed 6#1.

The labor went smoothly but about 2 hours after we noticed that Aubrey was breathing really fast, she ended up being transferred to the NICU early the next morning for TTN, which really is just transient fast breathing.

She is doing great today and hopefully my baby girl can come home this weekend..fingers crossed!

I never thought I was going to have a NICU baby but being 36 weeks and the added gestational diabetes, oh and most of all the nurse curse (its soooooo true!) I guess I wasn't surprised, a little sad but overall I am so fortunate that there is nothing worse that just her needing to learn to transition out of this.