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Tucson, City Kids and a project

David, my MIL Katherine and I took the kids down on Saturday to Tucson to see their Great Grandma Neal! It was her first time to see Aubrey. It was exciting to see her reaction since besides my side of the family Aubrey get her red hair from the Neal side.

I didn't get to many pictures since Trey was a slight mess( I would have sworn he would have fallen asleep on the 2 hour car ride....I was mistaken :)

But he was terribly sweet when he fell finally fell asleep...I LOVE that kid!

On Sunday the kids at church, "City Kids", did a sports theme musical, It was fabulous...It will be so fun when Trey and Aubrey are old enough to do choir and school/church performances :)

On a completely different note, my mom had told me about an idea where you hang each of your kids towels under a special hooks with their name on I decided to head to HL (they know me by name that bad?!?) and see what I could come up with.

I think it turned out pretty cute..although I might need…

Goodwill fun

Soooo.... I have not been to a thrift store since Aubrey was born and I was sorta getting with- drawls so when David got home from work he decided to do his P90X and I decided to make a quick run to goodwill.

I have learned when I go in there looking for something in particular I never find it but end up finding something completely different!

I was actually hoping to find some fun home decor...really anything I could spray paint....I haven't done that in a while...and if you are an avid thrifter you know that you will have bust days. Well I found no home decor but I did find SHOES!!!

I found these awesome zebra and two more black pairs! One is even Nine West! The ironic thing was these were the exact style I was looking for all last year and couldn't find them or wasn't willing to pay the high price tag. Well they may be out of season this year but I still love them!

And price tag on all 3 pairs $2.99 each and I had a 20% coupon.....and the jeans for Aubrey next year were onl…

Aubreys Nursery

Okay so I finally am posting pictures of Aubrey's nursery, I now it took me long enough right lol :)

So we live in a rental hence the white walls...but I think they sorta work since all her curtains, bedding, and wall art are all pink. Now if I could, I would have done chair railing all around the room and would have either painted the top or bottom half pink and the other white....but that was just a thought!

I actually really like the wall behind her bed is on since their is white paneling.....I think its very shabby chic!

I decided on the toile bedding and accented it with brown, I also found the cutest mobile and wall art with bunnies on it, I wasn't sure if it would work but after I put it all up I LOVE it!

In other news I pulled out all Aubreys 0-3 months clothes..they were swimming on her just a week or two ago and out of nowhere they fit....and a little to good I might add! So I busted out this new outfit today...she is so cute in yellow!

I tried to get their picture togeth…

Baby shower and flowers

On Saturday my girlfriend Jessi had her baby shower for her little girl Mollee! It was so much fun and the colors she has picked out for her room are sooo pretty and black...seriously adorable!

I of course only got pictures of a few decorations so as soon as I can steal a few pics off her blog (LOL) I will post a few more.

Aubrey and I before the shower

I also mentioned how I was starting to make Aubrey some flowers for her headbands, well I finished all the ones I bought the other day.

I have to say I really LOVE the roses...I might have to head back and try a few more roses LOL. I am slowly running out of room to store all these bows and flowers. Its a good thing she (hopefully) will not "grow" out of them for several years!

Poor thing......
This is how I found her when I went to get her out of the car when we got home. The price for beauty and cuteness!!!!!

Day trip

David, the family and I all enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Friday. Trey LOVED the pancakes....I mean its Cracker Barrel who doesn't???

While we were eating I was thinking I wish there was somewhere fun to go and for some reason I mentioned Sedona (For all you non-Phoenicians Sedona is about 1 1/2 hour drive north) David was easy to convince so we loaded up on Gummy Bears and other fun candy from Cracker Barrel and loaded the kids in and started our drive.

Now of course we spent more time in the car than we did actually in Sedona but it was a lot of fun. We very rarely do anything that spontaneous so we really did enjoy ourselves.

Arizona really does have some pretty country! And it was just a beautiful day out to!

We stopped by Oak Creek canyon, I was hoping to dip our feet in but with all the rain we have been getting the creek was roaring! But we did grab a family pic out of it. And no Trey does not have his finger in his nose...its in his mouth LOL :)

We then stopped…

Spring Break Fun

David has been on Spring break this past week, it has been nice having him around, especially now that basketball season is over!!!!

We wanted to head out of town but really the only place a Phoenician heads out of town to is San Diego and with all the Universities being on spring break as well we decided we would just save our moula and stay home :)

We did however spend a day at the park on Monday....the weather was beautiful!! I have decided that while the weather is nice I need to take the kiddos to the park at least once a week. It is walking distance from my house and their were soooo many other moms their. If I could just step outside my comfort zone maybe I could meet other neighborhood moms!

Then on Tuesday we renewed our Phoenix Zoo pass and had a day at the zoo. Trey was actually really run down, he either was starting to get a cold or just in a funk, regardless we had fun!

Trey refused to pet the animals in the petting zoo...maybe next time :)

Wednesday was shopping day as stat…

St. Pattys day recap

Our St. Patty's day was pretty uneventful except for a few errands. I didn't even make corned beef and cabbage, to be honest I haven't had it since I was young and I hated it then...who knows if I even like it now!!

David is on Spring break so I am trying to let him get as many rounds of golf in as he can...that just means I am allowed to shop...woohoooo :)

So while he was golfing my mom and I headed to Hobby Lobby and on the way I saw a Cool Cuts for Kids and I decided that since Trey was in a good mood we would stop in for a quick hair cut.

It was so cute they have special seats for kids. Trey did so well; our last experience I had to hold him because he was so scared. He did awesome this time around.

After the hair cut we ran to TJ Maxx which was right next store and I bought a few shirts and got Trey several outfits, they have the best clothes for kids!! I love what I got but I did the same thing after Trey was born, I practically bought a whole new wardrobe because I was…