Miss Aubrey Tate

Okay well since the arrival of Aubrey was a little premature I have been busy the last few weeks LOL.

I always blog at night but I have been so busy between pumping (she still is on the bottle from the NICU...But hopefully I can start breastfeeding soon) and trying to stay up on the house that the next thing I know it's 11pm and I am exhausted!

But I miss blog world so much that I had to squeeze some blog time in their somewhere...I do have 12 weeks off from work, I should be able to find time!

So I decided that I would post a little more about her arrival and some fun pics of her!

My water broke as I mentioned in my earlier post, but I failed to mentioned that it happened at Micheal's LOL!! I was actually their trying to find a basket for her diapers when it all went down. My mom kept thinking I was just urinating myself..thanks mom!!..until you could see a HUGE wet spot on my jeans, I do have more control over my bladder than that!!

As a Labor and Delivery nurse I knew I didn't have to rush to the hospital but I also knew I was already dilated to 4cm four days prior and that I needed antibiotics prior to her delivery too...plus I had soaked 3 pairs of pants just in the hour between it breaking and arriving at the hospital so we decided a quick shower and we were off.

This is Megan, a great friend, she actually was my Triage nurse with Trey too!

This is my amazing doctor, she wasn't even on call...actually she started her 24 hour call the next morning but still came in for the delivery!!! Talk about one huge benefit to working in L and D!!

The crew, I had no intention on having a party in my room, I was actually going to go natural since I had such a bizarre reaction to my last epidural (a sorta bells palsy on my left side of my face!!) but ironically the anesthesiologist who I work with wife's actually had the same thing and he promised me that the odds of it happening again were rare, and as evident by this pics I was comfortable and no bells palsy!

One key person missing is my girlfriend Jenn, She was supposed to be my doula (she is a L and D nurse too) ..but since I was comfortable she was photographer....I so wish I had a pic with you in it! I'm sure a grandma has it in one of their camera's!

Daddy meeting his little girl!

Mommy meeting her too!

And just for fun, Grandpa holding Aubrey...apparently he thinks their heads will fall right off!!!
I Love You Dad!!!

Needless to say but both of my labor experiences were night and day but both wonderful!!

Welcome to our crazy family Aubrey!

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