The result of multitasking!

I take pride in myself when it comes to multitasking, I do it everyday by being a woman, wife, mom and nurse.

Well tonight was no different, David was at church and I was at home with Trey and Aubrey and things were going great!

It was getting late and I needed to feed Trey dinner (he ate a late lunch hence the late dinner) at the same time Aubrey decided to majorly mess her diaper.

So I began by fixing Trey his dinner then decided to just give Aubrey a bath instead of spending the time to change her diaper to only bath her an hour or so later.

Trey was buckled in and happily eating dinner while I began on Aubrey's bath. As I am getting Aubrey dressed I hear Trey yelling "All done!" ....this is one of his favorite phrases by the way.

So I finish up with Aubrey proud of myself that I was able to tackle two issues at almost the same time when I walk into the kitchen and see Trey looking like this!!!!

I love my family!!!!!!!

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