Spring Break Fun

David has been on Spring break this past week, it has been nice having him around, especially now that basketball season is over!!!!

We wanted to head out of town but really the only place a Phoenician heads out of town to is San Diego and with all the Universities being on spring break as well we decided we would just save our moula and stay home :)

We did however spend a day at the park on Monday....the weather was beautiful!! I have decided that while the weather is nice I need to take the kiddos to the park at least once a week. It is walking distance from my house and their were soooo many other moms their. If I could just step outside my comfort zone maybe I could meet other neighborhood moms!

Then on Tuesday we renewed our Phoenix Zoo pass and had a day at the zoo. Trey was actually really run down, he either was starting to get a cold or just in a funk, regardless we had fun!

Trey refused to pet the animals in the petting zoo...maybe next time :)

Wednesday was shopping day as stated in my earlier post and Thursday was lounge around the house all day! We plan on heading to Cracker Barrel on Friday morning...we will see how that goes!

And last but not least my baby girl!

Have a great weekend!

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