St. Pattys day recap

Our St. Patty's day was pretty uneventful except for a few errands. I didn't even make corned beef and cabbage, to be honest I haven't had it since I was young and I hated it then...who knows if I even like it now!!

David is on Spring break so I am trying to let him get as many rounds of golf in as he can...that just means I am allowed to shop...woohoooo :)

So while he was golfing my mom and I headed to Hobby Lobby and on the way I saw a Cool Cuts for Kids and I decided that since Trey was in a good mood we would stop in for a quick hair cut.

It was so cute they have special seats for kids. Trey did so well; our last experience I had to hold him because he was so scared. He did awesome this time around.

After the hair cut we ran to TJ Maxx which was right next store and I bought a few shirts and got Trey several outfits, they have the best clothes for kids!! I love what I got but I did the same thing after Trey was born, I practically bought a whole new wardrobe because I was happy to not be pregnant and yet hated my old clothes.....and I am doing the same thing again AHHH LOL!

Our last stop was Hobby Lobby I really have been wanting to make Aubrey some of those Gerber Daisy flowers for her headbands. They actually could not be easier, although I still like a big fat bow over the flowers, but this is super cute!

Really could it be any bigger LOL!

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