Tucson, City Kids and a project

David, my MIL Katherine and I took the kids down on Saturday to Tucson to see their Great Grandma Neal! It was her first time to see Aubrey. It was exciting to see her reaction since besides my side of the family Aubrey get her red hair from the Neal side.

I didn't get to many pictures since Trey was a slight mess( I would have sworn he would have fallen asleep on the 2 hour car ride....I was mistaken :)

But he was terribly sweet when he fell finally fell asleep...I LOVE that kid!

On Sunday the kids at church, "City Kids", did a sports theme musical, It was fabulous...It will be so fun when Trey and Aubrey are old enough to do choir and school/church performances :)

On a completely different note, my mom had told me about an idea where you hang each of your kids towels under a special hooks with their name on it..so I decided to head to HL (they know me by name now.....is that bad?!?) and see what I could come up with.

I think it turned out pretty cute..although I might need a little somthin' above all of it...maybe and iron scroll but for now it looks better than it did!

Trey after his shower and after he squirted baby powder all over him...David was angry...I was cracking up and ran to get my camera!

And Aubrey in a cute Easter outfit (Thx again Sarah for all the cute hand me downs!)

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