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A Personal Shower

Last weekend or the one before, I think....its all going by so quickly lol! My friend Amanda and I threw our friend and my future sis-in-law a personal shower. I have never been to one besides my own so I did some research on the web and came up with some caauuutttee ideas (At least I think they are lol!)

The theme was obviously lingerie and we did a color scheme of hot pink and leopard! ohhlala :)

The invitations tooo cute!

Leopard sugar cookies from Karl's bakery!!

Erica's panty line there was a cute poem that went along with every panty color and type I had hanging up!

The toilet paper brides were a hit...I was laughing my tush off!

Erica and a LARGE wad of gum....apparently she doesn't know Karl as well as we thought LOL!

Party girls!

Hostesses and the Bride

Moms, MIL's, hostesses and bridesmaids

And Aubrey...she has been making out pretty well the past few weeks, first a ladies retreat then personal shower and weekend with the goodness she gets around!

Where do I start??

So much has happened over the last few weeks I'm not sure what to blog about!

Well I guess lets start with a ladies retreat!

A few weekends ago our church had their first ladies retreat and my mom and I attended.

It was GREAT!! I went away with deeper friendships and a new passion for women's and mothers ministry..something I want to be more involved in.

I have stated before how small our church is and for some reason I thought our retreat would be large and in a conference hall (please don't fault me , it is just what I am used too!) but when we arrived and noticed that it was all going to take place in a hotel I was surprised and anxious to see how the weekend was going to go.

Lets just say I am soooo grateful to Georgia who let us use her resources to have the retreat and how much I LOVE the sound of 16 women singing to an acoustic guitar!!!

Oh ya it was Aubrey's first retreat too...don't ya just LOVE the bow!!!

And Jessi I LOVE YA GIRL!!!

The same weekend my Brother-in…

Easter 2010

This Easter was just perfect! I am still in amazement of how perfect my life is! I have two wonderful, beautiful and healthy children and the worlds best husband!! God has blessed me beyond belief and I could not be more thankful!!!

The morning started out with Trey finding his Easter basket!! I think out of all the things he got the best one was his own hairbrush, I guess the Easter Bunny knew that Trey steals his mommy's all the time and sends her searching the house for sometimes hours trying to find where they went...Thank you Easter Bunny!!!

Next was church, I heard it was a great service lol, I helped out in the nursery...we had almost 6 new kids!!! This is huge since we are a new church....The Egg Hunt really was a success for outreach, hopefully these families continue to come.

I ran home and started lunch but had a mini photo session before our Easter outfits got to dirty . I just love looking at these pictures, I think I have reviewed them a hundred times since I took them…

Easter Egg Hunt

Today we had an Easter Egg Hunt with our church and I was blown away with the turnout!! If I haven't mentioned it before David is the Music Pastor for our new church plant the City Church in Glendale.

It was along day but overall we had a blast. I worked the egg dying table and David worked the snow cone station.....I thought I had it bad LOL....he didn't get a break for hours :)

This was before he got trapped in the snow cone station LOL!! He was just testing it out before he left Trey on :)

Trey was exhausted by the time the egg hunt started but it was still cute to see him find the eggs (he was a little overwhelmed with all the other kids running around him) tomorrow will be better..he can hunt for eggs all by himself in our front yard :)

I told you their outfits were adorable!!!!!!