Easter Egg Hunt

Today we had an Easter Egg Hunt with our church and I was blown away with the turnout!! If I haven't mentioned it before David is the Music Pastor for our new church plant the City Church in Glendale.

It was along day but overall we had a blast. I worked the egg dying table and David worked the snow cone station.....I thought I had it bad LOL....he didn't get a break for hours :)

This was before he got trapped in the snow cone station LOL!! He was just testing it out before he left Trey on :)

Trey was exhausted by the time the egg hunt started but it was still cute to see him find the eggs (he was a little overwhelmed with all the other kids running around him) tomorrow will be better..he can hunt for eggs all by himself in our front yard :)

I told you their outfits were adorable!!!!!!

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