A Personal Shower

Last weekend or the one before, I think....its all going by so quickly lol! My friend Amanda and I threw our friend and my future sis-in-law a personal shower. I have never been to one besides my own so I did some research on the web and came up with some caauuutttee ideas (At least I think they are lol!)

The theme was obviously lingerie and we did a color scheme of hot pink and leopard! ohhlala :)

The invitations tooo cute!

Leopard sugar cookies from Karl's bakery!!

Erica's panty line there was a cute poem that went along with every panty color and type I had hanging up!

The toilet paper brides were a hit...I was laughing my tush off!

Erica and a LARGE wad of gum....apparently she doesn't know Karl as well as we thought LOL!

Party girls!

Hostesses and the Bride

Moms, MIL's, hostesses and bridesmaids

And Aubrey...she has been making out pretty well the past few weeks, first a ladies retreat then personal shower and weekend with the girls...my goodness she gets around!

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