Where do I start??

So much has happened over the last few weeks I'm not sure what to blog about!

Well I guess lets start with a ladies retreat!

A few weekends ago our church had their first ladies retreat and my mom and I attended.

It was GREAT!! I went away with deeper friendships and a new passion for women's and mothers ministry..something I want to be more involved in.

I have stated before how small our church is and for some reason I thought our retreat would be large and in a conference hall (please don't fault me , it is just what I am used too!) but when we arrived and noticed that it was all going to take place in a hotel I was surprised and anxious to see how the weekend was going to go.

Lets just say I am soooo grateful to Georgia who let us use her resources to have the retreat and how much I LOVE the sound of 16 women singing to an acoustic guitar!!!

Oh ya it was Aubrey's first retreat too...don't ya just LOVE the bow!!!

And Jessi I LOVE YA GIRL!!!

The same weekend my Brother-in-law Daniel and his girlfriend Whitney came into town from Waco. It was so great to hang out with them, if only for a day. I can't wait to the wedding in June to see you two again!

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