Back at it again :)

Ever since Aubrey has been born I have not let it stop me from running errands and such; however, I have not gone thrifting lately and after reading blogs I have realized I am like an addict and I need me some good ol' thrifting! So I headed out the other day and ran to 3 different ones......please give props to my kiddos they were troopers :)

Here are a few of my awesome finds!

This awesome little basket! I saw blog ( I cant remember where..I was blog hopping!) where they had this on their kitchen window with dried (or fake) hydrangeas! I wanted to copy this and was stoked when I found this perfect basket!

A cool old book and a cuutttte tea cup and saucer!

I'm sure it is nothing super just a cheapo but I just LOVE the brown and yellow colors.

Trey playing with it (sorry about the ASU was a hand-me-down) if it makes anyone feel better they are play cloths only!!)

I LOOOOVVVEEE these and they were only a $$$ 1.00 each waahooo :)

I used one of them for all my extra bracelets and watches (they were cramming up my jewelery box lol...that's what being addicted to SAMMOON will do HA!)

I know they really don't match but I watched a guy on TV (Dan Ho) once say that who cares if it "matches" or "goes" if it makes you smile then it is worth using and having out! So there ya go :)

Cute harvest sign for fall.

And for one of my fave finds a punch bowl and 8 cups...for only $5.00!!!!

I wished I had more glasses but I figured if I have more than 8 people at my shindig then I would probably have to buy bulk plastic ones anyway.. HA! So I think 8 is okay :)

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

Pray for me since I go back to work on Monday :( I'm excited to deliver babies again but it is work and I am away from my kiddos for over 13 hours a shift, so I am having a hard time. At least full time for me is only 3 days a week..I am grateful for that!!!

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