Decorating with the beach

I think I have saltwater in my veins! I was born in California and yet I don't have many memories of living there, I do have several of spending every summer there though! Since both of my parents are from California my entire family lives there :)

I have some of the best memories there! My grandparents own property on the Central Coast of California and we were there several times a year and always for an extended time during the summer.

I can remember collecting seashells every year! But they always disappeared, I probably threw them out because I didn't know what to do with them as soon as I got home. And I am pretty sure my mom didn't want hundreds of shells hanging out in my room.

This past trip I collected shells when David and I walked along the beach in Cambria.

I decided that I was somehow going to have these shells in my house! To me it represented a memory of my childhood. I had shared it with David that day and I want my kids to see them too.

I don't decorate with a beach theme but I think the look great in a small apothecary jar.

I also grabbed and great piece of driftwood. My grandma has a few pieces in her home that we would grab when we were younger and give to her. She could care less it if went with her decor, it meant something to her that her grand kids picked it for her.

So I had to place it somewhere that I would see it everyday.

So their ya go..a little beach in the desert!

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