Happy Mothers Day Belated

So this is a tad late but cut me a little slack I went back to work this week and am now learning to juggle being a full time wife, mom ( to two kids) and nurse!!! I am so not complaining either I LOVE it, I'm just adjusting ...again LOL !!!!

We had a great time! On Saturday we celebrated with Katherine and the Ellis' and took her to dinner and then on Sunday went to Olive Garden with my mom to celebrate mom's day and her birthday (its the 10th and always falls on the same weekend!!!)

I was surprised by both moms that gave me such sweet gifts!

Katherine (Mama E) gave me this gorgeous bouquet roses and chocolate covered raisins for my first day back to work....can I confess that they were gone later that night!!!

She also made these frames and gave me a vase ( I collect milk glass and hobnail items) !!! Notice that one of the pictures is mine that I took in California!!! I LOVE IT!!

( My so far collection :)

And my mom gave me this plant and a gift card to Starbucks for my first day back to work.....apparently they both thought I would need a lot of caffeine and chocolate to get me through.....well they were right HA!!

Notice the white vase from goodwill...I knew they would come in handy!

I am soo blessed to have an amazing family and two beautiful children!!! I am so thankful to God for blessing me like He has.

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