A new collection in the making

I had a great day yesterday!!! Retail therapy just relieves stress for me! Weird I know but what do you expect from a shopaholic like me? At least I am a thrifty one!

My MIL and I went out for a day of antique shopping.....or as some bloggers call it "junking". That makes more sense because all I really bought was old junk ..... but old junk that I LOVE!

I have started a small collection of Hobnail Milkglass that I shared in an earlier post, but I have also started collecting something else....

Vintage Aprons.

It just reminds me of an era were women were elegant. Even to the point where their aprons reflected that!

I bought my first one (the black and white one) a few months ago and became addicted!

Then yesterday I found 3 beauties!

The two lace ones are so beautiful I will only wear them to entertain in.

but the green one is fun! I actually cooked and cleaned house in it all day! (Now I just hope I can get the stains out!)

I got more "treasures" yesterday and will share with you soon!

Have a great week, I know I will its my Birthday tomorrow and I get to share it with my family (after work of course lol) !!!!!

I had to share this.... Trey walks through the house acting like daddy..caring his guitar everywhere! (It's actually a ukulele LOL)

And my little flower power girl!

Linking up!!!!

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