Robin Hood

So I am going to confess something....

Its not really an addiction but maybe and infatuation, but anytime there is a Robin Hood movie (etc..) I am all over it like a fat boy on cake ( 50 cent anyone LOL) !

And with the new movie coming out I thought I would pay tribute to all the great classics! (At least my favs)!

I own 3 of what I would think are the more popular versions of Robin Hood.

First the Disney version, I just hope Trey and Aubrey love it as much as I do!

Oo de lally, Oo de lally, Golly what a day......

Second and probably the funniest!

Men in tights...TIGHT TIGHTS!!

But my all time FAV!!!

( I still can not believe my mom let me watch this when I was in 4 th grade....she must not have known what movie we were watching HA! But I totally remember watching the movie with my girlfriend Tracy and her mom in the theaters and being scared to death by the witch!!!)

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Ohh but Kevin Costner how I heart least only in this movie :)

And now this post would not be complete without the great soundtrack by Brian Adams

I just realized that you only watch this video by clicking this link onto youtub..please is, I think, one of the coolest music videos ever!

So needless to say I am looking forward to the new Robin Hood

yet I am a little apprehensive because Kevin Costner stole my heart as Robin Hood back in 1991!

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