Thrifty Treasures 5.17

So, back a while ago I used to do Thrifty Tuesdays but I have fallen off the band wagon. After much blog hopping I found Southern Hospitality's blog and she has a Thrifty Treasures Monday!

so I am linking up to her on Mondays!

I just heart looking at what other people buy and find at thrift shops! For example I love buying my kids cloths there (you can find some amazing things there) but I have never really looked for clothes for me, except shoes :) I have become more adventurous to shop for clothes after reading how many of you find awesome deals there!

Just look at these totally cute jean capris!! I've never heard of the brand but who cares for $7 and they fit like a dream!

I am not one of those moms who lets their kids run around in their diaper all day ( not that their is anything wrong with that, i just LOVE dressing them up) but I was headed out for ladies night out with Church so I showered Trey with me so David had one less child to bathe that night HA!

And these are from the Gap and recently too! Just last year I was looking at this brand from Gap outlet called 1969 jeans, I almost bought a pair but they were like $30 more than their regular store jeans, so I was smart and put them back.....a year later voila! I own a pair for $4.99!!!

One of my favorite finds was this table and chair set for only $6.00!!!! One of the chair is a little "rickety" but it works for Trey at the moment! I actually bought it spotless until I showed it to Trey and under an hour he had drawn all over it! Hey at least it wasn't the wall or floors!

And lastly a silver tray. I was reading Harrington House and Bless our Nest and those women put little vases on silver trays and it is so stinken adorable!!! Soooo definitely not as cute but it made me smile to place an ordinary candle on a silver tray :)

I am now going through out the whole house figuring what else can I put on silver trays HA!

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