Thrifty Treasures 5.31

I just LOVE my goodwill!

I swear their has only been a handful of times that I have left that store empty handed.

I just fell in love with these old books.

The original copyright date was 1936!!!!! I think they just add the extra pop to wear I had my candle placed (My Anthropology candle!!!!!)

Remember how I have fallen head of heels for silver trays?????

Well here are a few more!!

This one is actually a Ralph Lauren one!!! My mom was begging me to let her have it...sorry mom this beauty was mine for only $1.99!!!!!!

I actually go this mirror while my MIL and I were antique shopping, I love it for my vanity!!! I think it was fairly priced at $10.

Before the silver tray.....

After!!! much better :)

I even found these adorable glass jars!

My roses from out front look awesome in them! That's about the only flower I can grow in this Arizona heat.....

for example my hydrangeas that lasted a short 48 hours!

Have a great week everyone!!!!!

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