Trey you are growing up so fast!!!! Please feel free to slow down!

It is crazy, you can now say almost any word you hear for the first time! We were eating breakfast this morning and you kept calling your spoon as fork, so I corrected you and you just picked up saying the word spoon like it was an old habit!

Last night you were even digging around the DVD's and saying "Baby Einstein" I was blow away that he was asking to watch the DVD by name!!!

You can now pull your self up on our bed and lay with us and you even know how to put a VHS in and watch it in the playroom.

And most of all you love playing with mommies "hats"

my shower caps if you please :)

and heck you already have a new hobby...

Seriously I found these on my camera after I took it away from him...pretty good for an almost 2 year old!

I love you son!

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