Trip to Cali!

Over this last weekend it was my Grandma's 82nd birthday so since I am still out on maternity leave we decided to make a long weekend out of it!

We did something almost everyday! On Thursday we walked around Paso Robles, I can not believe how much that town has grown. There is this square around Paso's park that has shops, but when I was younger their was nothing that interesting beside one cool surf shop called Kahunas. This time we were there I was amazed at all the shops...and some cute ones at that! They had several boutiques that I could have spent hours and lots of moola in but I did refrain (pat on the back lol). And they even had a few children's boutiques that I fell in LOVE with! But the best part was Powell's candy shop, I didn't get any pics (bummed!) but just think of an old fashion candy store with EVERYTHING from every type of packaged candy to games!!! I walked away with some chocolate covered honeycomb and gummy bears for Trey YUMMM.

Beach Day!!

Friday we went to Cambria, I just love the beach there! It is quiet and beautiful. Trey was not to sure about the water and sand maybe the next trip. I did take David and walked along some tide pools that I used to go to when I was little and he got to see a star fish in the wild for the first time!!! Again left the camera on the picnic table...dang it!

David King of the made a mean hot dog babe :)

Chip and Dale would not leave us alone!!! Apparenlty they LOVE Frito chips..who new??

And if anyone question if Aubrey really does have red hair......question answered LOL... I think its actually getting redder the older she gets!!

Kids are soooo photogenic!

On Saturday all the Family came up for Grandma's birthday

Aunt Carol with Aubrey

Uncle Mark playing some tunes...

Sisters (and my cousins) Heather and Alyssa

Uncle Mark took us to a winery that was a was gorgeous and their was a wedding going on too (I even saw the bride woohooo)....Erica I thought of you :)!!

Trey and Leland (second cousins..I think....its my cousins son lol!)...They LOVED each other and could not stop chasing each other through the house! I wish he had cousins to play with....I guess that means we will just have to make more trips out to the Central Coast so he can play with Leland HA!

snickers cake by Aunt Carol....YUMMMMMM

GG and GGP and their great grandkids!!! We LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

And last but not least .....

This is what we drove past after we had lunch in Calabasas on the way home....

That's right ...

Its Dash

The store that the Kardashians own

I sooo wish I had the guts to go in, I barely had the guts to snap the picture HA!

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