Veggie garden take two!!

Okay I think it was about a year ago when I did another post on getting my backyard into shape and was attempting to plant a veggie garden..

well that was a bust just like all the times before!

But I was inspired to attempt it again!

So we rounded up the kiddos and headed outside....

when I told Trey we were going outside he disappeared for a second and came back holding these saying "outside, outside" I love that kid!

Pretty princess stayed in her car would be absurd to get her tutu dirty!

There was a small space in our front yard that gets morning sun and shade in the hot afternoons so we thought it would be a great place!

We've got 4 tomato plants (grape, yellow, celebrity, and cherry), zucchini, squash, jalapeno, red bell pepper, cilantro, basil, rosemarry, green onion and carrot seeds.

I have been doing my best to water it everyday and put miracle grow on it....although it has been 3 days since we planted them and they are already looking wilted! what the heck am I doing wrong????

Any advice would be helpful!

I also bought some flowers from Trader Joes (LOVE that place) Hopefully I can keep the hydrangea's alive for little longer than a week!

and a few sunflowers for the house...I think it was Kimba ( I could be wrong) who did a post on having fresh flowers in the house and it really does make you smile and just makes the home more welcoming!

All tired out from a day of gardening!

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