I just love this red smock dress she has on....its soo.....vintage. Yea that's the word I'm looking for because it was actually mine when I was a baby!!

You so heard (read) me right :)

The other week my mom dropped off this at my house!

I thought she only kept a few of my baby/kid clothes....apparently not!

I had such a blast going through it all though...there are a lot in there that I actually remember wearing.

Aubrey wore this on Mothers day I thought it sentimental since it was mine :)

I heart these apron dresses...and they are in perfect condition!

These have a few stains on them, but I just love them to much!

I wish they made shirts like this...I actually found several of them that my mom had for me. I just think they are so unique and cute!

I can just picture her in it with jeans and a huge turquoise bow!

Now if I can just steal some old pics of me in these clothes from my parents house, that would be fun to look at!!!

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