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Thrifty Treasures 6.28

So I actually got these a few weeks back but forgot I did until I was organizing my china hutch LOL!

I have been on a silver tray binge HA...anytime I see one now I HAVE to have it! I don't have a place for these beauties yet but I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find one!

I was able to snatch up these beauties while I was antique shopping with my MIL!!! I never realized I didn't own a butter dish until I hostessed Easter this past year!

And the mini S&P shakers might be a new collection in the making!

Have a great week!!!

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A surprise evening!

So I worked this past weekend...

I would say yuck, because I would rather be home with my family on the weekend. But I have to admit most weekend shifts are really nice. The hospital its self seems calmer (even though it may be crazy sometimes still has that feel) and their is no traffic on the way into work...and lets be honest that would make any ones day!!

So yesterday as I was walking out to my car I was checking my messages (I got slammed about 1 hour before I got off!) and I noticed a text from my cousin saying "Hey, Josh and I are in Phoenix would love to meet up!" I was totally taken by surprise!

The only other time Marci was in Phoenix was 5 years ago for our wedding.....

you were one of the best candle lighters ever girl!!
(HA... I had to throw this pic in here!)

To make things even better they were literally staying about 2 blocks away from our home!

I kept the kids up a little later so they could hang out. It was their first time to see Aubrey.

Trey LOVED Josh…

Thrifty Treasures 6.22

OHH have a I got some FABULOUS goodies to show you this week!

First is this hammered silver soap dish!

I am always using BB&W soap dispensers which I really like but when David and I were in Flagstaff a while back there is an AWESOME soap store, so I picked up a couple of bars.

Now I can finally use my Lavender Oatmeal soap...yummmm ;)

Another amazing find was this small (maybe vintage) salt and pepper shakers and I think sugar dispenser. It also came with the holder!

I LOVE it...

And a few other goodies!

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Mary's last day in L&D

Mary and I

Our good friend Mary (how in a few post back we had the girls night out to say goodbye) last day was today!

Mary and Cyndi

I have known her for about 4 years now!

I am going to miss her like crazy but I am also sooo excited for her!

Sherri and Yvonne

She is moving back to North Dakota to start In Vitro. She has better benefits and family support!!!

Good luck Mary and we will miss you! Thank goodness for Facebook :)

Mary and Shannon

There were tons more pics we took and we are all uploading our pics to a shutterfly book and she is going to make it for her keepsakes! What an awesome idea!
I wanted to make a shout out to the best dads I know!

First, my dad. Dad I love you beyond words! You were always and still are the calm and laid back one in the family. You don't get fired up over trivial things (like the girls in our family do...yes that would include me too!) You gave be a firm example of how a husband is supposed to love their spouse! You never argued with mom in front of us, and I thank you for that! I pray that I can use the examples in my home.

Second, Dave, my father-in-law. You have raised one strong Christian son! He loves the lord, his wife and family. I know that he has you to thank for that! You raised some very fine gentlemen and I am eternally grateful that David is my husband! You have made to be an awesome father-in-law as well, I am so grateful for that!

Source: Noyan Photography

And Third, my husband David!

I am so blessed that you are the father to my children! I could not have asked God for anyone better! The way I see you play with Trey and love…

Another goodbye party

or another excuse for ladies night out!

Kara, Hannah and Yvonne

A great friend and co-worker Mary is moving back home to North Dakota.

Mary and I
(I LOVE the arm trick....I think I might look skinner....I might do this from now on...just so y'all are prepared!)

And yes if your wondering she does have a fabulous accent! I might miss that most about ya girl..."YA" LOL :)

Charity and I

So all of us Labor and Delivery nurses headed out for ladies night.

We started out at Margaritaville then over to Saddle Ranch. I had to work in the morning so I left early and missed all of the all the girls riding the mechanical bull.....But I'm sure one of them will have pics I can steal later on :)

Redheads....Hannah and I

Charity, Tori and Kara

Thank you God for pointing this out!

" I hear echos of fear and desperation from women day in and day out- even if they're doing their best to muffle the sound with their Coach bags."

-Beth Moore

This is what I am currently reading and currently dealing with! Thank you God for placing Beth in my life. She has such a way with words that speak to me as a women and a child of God!

I ask/beg that every women I know read this! It's about time we deal with this issue!


Birthday parties and goodbye parties

Last Saturday was a BUSY day! We had 3 birthday shindigs to attend!

The first was miss Alyssa's 1st birthday. I of course totally forgot to grab pics..probably because
(1) Aubrey had a blow out diaper 5 minutes after arriving
(2) Spit up EVERYWHERE on me and Miss. Tonya's house
(3) More projectile vomiting
(4) A tired 2 year old tantrum!

Other than that I had blast catching up with Tonya's mom ( I haven't seen her since high school!) and singing Happy Birthday to miss Alyssa!

We ran home for a quick nap then headed out to Miss Addy's swim party. Okay do any of you have Lifetime Fitness in your home towns? It was like a Country Club.

When my girlfriend Jenn said the party was at the gym I was a little skeptical but was totally blown away when I arrived! (I was also blown away at what a membership costs $$$$....I would consider joining if I didn't have a pool..but I do... so I will have to stick with home workout videos HA!)

Anywho.. They had a kids pool that Trey LOVED!



you are my first born! I love you beyond words!

God was so gracious to give you to me! Trey, you made me become Mommy!
And I LOVE you for that!

Aubrey, My daughter!

I never thought I would have you! God new my heart and my desire for you and he blessed me!

I will always be grateful that HE gave me you! My daughter!

I am working today but I though I would leave you with a pic I LOVE!

I took this last year from our summer vacation...I was in the car driving and no I did not edit this in the least...except to watermark it...heck I am proud if it1!

Got a luv pics that turn out, out of pure luck!

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Belated birthday gift and an old friend

So remember back when....way back a few weeks ago when I blogged about my new hobby sewing??

Well my wonderful husband and in-laws decided to go in together on my birthday gift and get me a combo gift. (combo gifts are fairly popular in our family LOL......we LOVE them!)

I got this baby!!!!!!

Hopefully, I get to pick her up next week!!!!

So I can begin sewing and monogramming and appliqueing.......

oh the possibilities are endless!!!

on another note

This past Tuesday I met up with an old friend from when I was living in Austin.


Girl, it was so nice to catch up! I love my life here (and wouldn't change a thing!) bu
t at times I wish I never left Texas! I loved the state and all my friends (Jaclyn and Jill to be specific)!

It is always the ones who move away that miss out! Life went on when I moved away, but I always remembered my old friends, the summers and heck I even have a memory of ALL the caterpillars that would come out every year! There were hundreds of them! Do the…