Another goodbye party

or another excuse for ladies night out!

Kara, Hannah and Yvonne

A great friend and co-worker Mary is moving back home to North Dakota.

Mary and I
(I LOVE the arm trick....I think I might look skinner....I might do this from now on...just so y'all are prepared!)

And yes if your wondering she does have a fabulous accent! I might miss that most about ya girl..."YA" LOL :)

Charity and I

So all of us Labor and Delivery nurses headed out for ladies night.

We started out at Margaritaville then over to Saddle Ranch. I had to work in the morning so I left early and missed all of the all the girls riding the mechanical bull.....But I'm sure one of them will have pics I can steal later on :)

Redheads....Hannah and I

Charity, Tori and Kara

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