Belated birthday gift and an old friend

So remember back when....way back a few weeks ago when I blogged about my new hobby sewing??

Well my wonderful husband and in-laws decided to go in together on my birthday gift and get me a combo gift. (combo gifts are fairly popular in our family LOL......we LOVE them!)

I got this baby!!!!!!

Hopefully, I get to pick her up next week!!!!

So I can begin sewing and monogramming and appliqueing.......

oh the possibilities are endless!!!

on another note

This past Tuesday I met up with an old friend from when I was living in Austin.


Girl, it was so nice to catch up! I love my life here (and wouldn't change a thing!) bu
t at times I wish I never left Texas! I loved the state and all my friends (Jaclyn and Jill to be specific)!

It is always the ones who move away that miss out! Life went on when I moved away, but I always remembered my old friends, the summers and heck I even have a memory of ALL the caterpillars that would come out every year! There were hundreds of them! Do they still do that???? Silly, what a little girl remembers!

And the lighting bugs..we don't have that here in Phoenix nor do we have blue bonnets!

But God put me here for a reason, to meet my wonderful husband and for me to start my family here.

This is my story and I love it!!!

(But since half of my family is moving back to Texas...maybe my story can pick up there HA!)

Have a great weekend!

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