Birthday parties and goodbye parties

Last Saturday was a BUSY day! We had 3 birthday shindigs to attend!

The first was miss Alyssa's 1st birthday. I of course totally forgot to grab pics..probably because
(1) Aubrey had a blow out diaper 5 minutes after arriving
(2) Spit up EVERYWHERE on me and Miss. Tonya's house
(3) More projectile vomiting
(4) A tired 2 year old tantrum!

Other than that I had blast catching up with Tonya's mom ( I haven't seen her since high school!) and singing Happy Birthday to miss Alyssa!

We ran home for a quick nap then headed out to Miss Addy's swim party. Okay do any of you have Lifetime Fitness in your home towns? It was like a Country Club.

When my girlfriend Jenn said the party was at the gym I was a little skeptical but was totally blown away when I arrived! (I was also blown away at what a membership costs $$$$....I would consider joining if I didn't have a pool..but I do... so I will have to stick with home workout videos HA!)

Anywho.. They had a kids pool that Trey LOVED!

Here is a video of him going in and out

(I posted it twice in case in did show up....LOL)

(I am fully aware he does not have a life vest on....the water was only up to his tummy and their were life guards in the water with him...Plus I was fully ready to jump in my dress cloths to grab him if need be!)

After the pool party we went to Pappaduex's with David's parents for his birthday dinner. Again no pics..but I was a little burnt out by the time dinner came around :) The dinner was fabulous though and you just can't beat their banana pudding!

Miss Aubrey in her party attire!

The next morning we stopped by Erica's parents house (my new sis-in-law) to have a goodbye breakfast for the newlyweds and to watch them open their wedding gifts.

Karl's everyday silverwear HA!

It was so sad to see them leave. But I hope Erica will love Texas as much I do!!! There is just something about that state..

Once you have lived there you just feel like you have always been a Texan!

Then on Sunday and Monday night David and I were able to get away for a small staycation.

We enjoyed laying by the pool ALL day! And had a very special dinner Monday night at The Capital Grill!

Thank you Dave and Katherine for the great Anniversary gift!

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