I wanted to make a shout out to the best dads I know!

First, my dad. Dad I love you beyond words! You were always and still are the calm and laid back one in the family. You don't get fired up over trivial things (like the girls in our family do...yes that would include me too!) You gave be a firm example of how a husband is supposed to love their spouse! You never argued with mom in front of us, and I thank you for that! I pray that I can use the examples in my home.

Second, Dave, my father-in-law. You have raised one strong Christian son! He loves the lord, his wife and family. I know that he has you to thank for that! You raised some very fine gentlemen and I am eternally grateful that David is my husband! You have made to be an awesome father-in-law as well, I am so grateful for that!

Source: Noyan Photography

And Third, my husband David!

I am so blessed that you are the father to my children! I could not have asked God for anyone better! The way I see you play with Trey and love on Aubrey, it just makes me smile!

All Trey does all day when your gone is ask for you..

Whether it is to go in "Daddy's car" or to go in the pool with Daddy. You are his world at the moment!

Happy Fathers day to the best Fathers I know!

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