Wedding Fun

What a busy week!!!

All last week was filled with wedding festivities! My brother-in-law Karl got married on Thursday to my now sister (in-law) Erica. I had almost the whole week off of work (except Monday).

Tuesday we had an all day girls day.

It started out with mani/pedi's all while we wore our bridesmaids tanks :)

and of course Aubrey got one too, thanks to Miss Ruth...LOVE IT!!!

We then headed to the Point Hilton for a pool day (Aubrey was hanging with her daddy at this point!)

Maybe a little heavy on the airbrushing.......NOPE don't care I look good HA!

(and yes I edited in a tan with these pics!) There was NO WAY I was going to show them in their original state HA!

We ended the night with dinner and girl talk.....we never made it to the movie LOL....the sun takes it out of you!

The rehearsal dinner had a western/Texas theme. The newlyweds are moving to Waco after the wedding so it was a lot of FUN!

I took a few great pics of the kids and I am in the middle of editing them..I will post about them soon!

And the wedding day!

Doesn't Erica make a beautiful bride!!!!! I just love the back of her dress.

Our 5 year anniversary was on the same day as the wedding!

Now all we have to do is get Daniel to get married on June 3rd (no pressure Dan) and all the Ellis boys will have the same Anniversary date!!! I like the idea LOL!

Needless to say I grabbed several pics of me and the hubs on our special day too!

Trey and Uncle Dan trying to catch the garter!

Unfortunately I don't have any pics of the ceremony (because I was in the wedding) but Erica has a blog and I am sure she will post pics as soon as she get back from Maui!!!!!

LOVE every minute of it girl!!!!!!! It ends way to fast!!!!

Congrats Karl and Erica....we will miss you!

(Maybe I can convince David to move to Waco now too!)

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