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Debating whether I should share this?

I feel like I have been bragging a lot lately so I hope this doesn't come across this way....But look what my husband surprised me with the other day......

OMG What was he thinking...apparently he really loves me ( I think he knows my love language is gifts..I wish it was something less shallow but really might be gifts lol!)

I have fallen into this photography kick by accident either through friends, family and now blogging. But it has made me want to get better. Apparently David thinks it's time to upgrade ...fine by me!

So naturally I went out the next day and forced the kids to go to the park for a photo shoot!

Here are a few I got....I'm still no where good but If I can snag 2-5 out of 20..I thinks its worth it!

I think this means I am no longer able to hire a professional :(....but that is only more incentive to prefect this new hobby!

I edited all of these with Picnik. It's like flicker where you upload all your pics, but the great news its free f…

I've got some exciting news!!!!!

I never use my blog to promote items but when your husband releases his second CD..I think that gives you some room to brag and do all I can to promote him!

Here is a video of his title song "The Broken and the Blamed"

The official CD release date is Aug. 22nd. If you are in the Phoenix area it will be at North Phoenix Baptist Church at 6pm in the chapel!

Be on the look out for a giveaway and news on how you can get it through us or off of itunes!


Great buys!

Several weeks ago Hobby Lobby was having their HUGE 80% sale. Well of course at the time we were doing our best to "not spend what we don't need to" so I stayed as far away from that store as possible.

Well, now that school starts back up soon I decided to head over there to see if their was anything left of the sale...I DID NOT have high expectations!

I was proven wrong! Instead of several aisles of sales their was only one aisle and it was very picked over, but I was able to grab a few awesome deals!

I got both of these pillows for a total of $7.00!! (originally the flower one was $40...I would say I got a deal!)

Candle sticks....$2.00 each and the roster trivet $4 :)

I didn't need a new rug..but for $4..I had to find a place for it. Right now it is at the garage entrance (which we use the most...however I might but it out back...we'll see).

I grabbed these LARGE frames for $4 each!

I also had read 320 Sycamore and she mentioned that her Target was having their 90% sa…


Here is my entry to the Challenge of White by Simplicity.

My son was attacked by a bottle of baby powder....I was able to capture a picture before he started crying and wiping it all off!

A hodge podge post

Well I had no better way to explain it HA!

Okay first I hate to brag.....but

guess what I picked up this week......

I have an ALL day class on sewing and embroidery on Aug 5th so no projects until then :(
I should probably learn how to use the darn thing so I don't break it the first time I use it!

Because of all the gifts David has bought me LOL and my speeding ticket.... and Coach purse......wait you didn't read that HA! (I was at the Outlet store for Coach so really I saved my Husband money HA! and 66 is really not that fast on the freeway..really 55 should not be the limit in a large metropolitan city like Phoenix!)

David has been walking around calling it the "Summer of Ashley"

(That's some of my lavender from the festival in California)

Anybody watch Seinfeld????

Here's a clip

Okay enough embarrassing myself

I will share a recipe :)

While in California my Uncle loaded my mom and I with squash..I mean these things look like they are on steroids! The awesome part is …


I did this for a class I am taking.

I though it was incredibly peaceful!

I wanna go back!

Okay the weather here in Phoenix is enough to want to go back to Templeton!

My vacation was amazing, the only thing that would have made it better would have been having David with us. He was the worship leader at a camp in Riverside the same week we were gone.

The first morning we were there horses came up to the back of my grandparents property. Between the horses and the morning fog, it made for a few amazing pictures!

Trey even got to feed the horses too!

The weather was perfect! I does get hot in Templeton during the days (90's) but it cools off in the evenings into the 70s.....its a dream! And to make it better the coast was 75 degrees all day!

San Simeon Beach

The best beach food ever!

Hearst Castle!

We were their twice!

Morro Bay

Morro Rock

My grandparents live in a small (and I mean SMALL) town but they are located between to large (sorta) towns. Paso Robles is one of those. They had a Lavender Festival while we where there and it was AWESOME! I forgot pics of course though!

Happy 85…

My baby girl is 5 months!

Has it really already been five months?!?!

Aubrey, you really need to slow down! Their is no rush to grow up! I truly can see in her eyes that she is counting down the days until she can chase after her brother! It's true, you should she the way she stares at him!

This picture says it all HA!

So Aubrey what are you up to these days?
You have found your feet!And your thumb...see previous post HA!You crack up at every silly face mommy or daddy makesI squirm a lot! You are always in a new position from when I lay you down!No solid food yet....I might cry when that day comes!You have slept through the night since about 11 weeksHowever you still sleep in our room....again its killing me how fast you are growing up! I can't part with you being in your own room yet...its pathetic I know!You LOVE watching the fan!Your drooling up a better not be teething anytime soon...I couldn't bear it.. I love your toothless smile to much right now!

Home from vacation!

What an awesome time we had, I can't wait to post pictures of our vacation in California.

It got me thinking and remembering our vacation last year! My husband, Trey FIL and MIL went on a road trip up from Arizona to Idaho, then down through California...Pebble Beach..oh ya!

I decided to post some awesome pics of our time last year! Enjoy!

Just a little side note as well. I saw this on her blog and tried it when I was packing for vacation this year. OMG I LOVED it!

No more digging around messing all your neatly packed clothes to find the matching bottoms.

All I did was place each outfit in a gallon size Ziploc and voila...packing made simple! And for Aubrey I placed the coordinating bow in each of her bags :)

ADD much ...nah just a great tip I learned out in blogland!