Blogging has been an amazing outlet for me. I have found women who love their family, have hobbies and share them with other bloggers, like me. In the beginning I was only really reading decorating blogs...then I fell in love with mommy blogs (because I am a mommy lol!).

I now read decorating, thrifting, cooking, mommy, photography, sewing, crafts etc blogs! I can not believe how many are out there!

I have stumbled upon many creativity challenges that bloggers have been hosting. I missed many of them but just today found one. I decided to take the plunge and join it!

Divas & Dreams Photography blog is hosting a Creative Workshop

and I am going to take part in it (as much as I can!)

The first week was This is who I am

There is a written and photo assignment.

In pictures...Here is who I am!


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Okay now to explain it written assignment:)

The Bible: It's underneath everything because it is my foundation! My faith and my God come before anything else!

My Wedding Ring: I am married to the love of my life and best friend!

The E: Its my name and symbolizes my small obsession with monograms lol!

My kids!: I am a mommy and LOVE my job!

The stethoscope: I'm an RN. Before I met my husband and became a mommy I wanted to be a nurse..I have accomplished that. It is who I am!

Picture of the beach: It's where I'm from and where I LOVE to visit. It also represents a new

The Apron: My love for thrifting and anything vintage! And lastly my blog! It is my outlet and my way of documenting my life and my family. My form of scrapbooking. I belong to this community of bloggers and enjoy the friendships I have made!

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