Debating whether I should share this?

I feel like I have been bragging a lot lately so I hope this doesn't come across this way....But look what my husband surprised me with the other day......

OMG What was he thinking...apparently he really loves me ( I think he knows my love language is gifts..I wish it was something less shallow but really might be gifts lol!)

I have fallen into this photography kick by accident either through friends, family and now blogging. But it has made me want to get better. Apparently David thinks it's time to upgrade ...fine by me!

So naturally I went out the next day and forced the kids to go to the park for a photo shoot!

Here are a few I got....I'm still no where good but If I can snag 2-5 out of 20..I thinks its worth it!

I think this means I am no longer able to hire a professional :(....but that is only more incentive to prefect this new hobby!

I edited all of these with Picnik. It's like flicker where you upload all your pics, but the great news its free for basic or $25.00 a YEAR for the upgraded version!

Its great for a wanna be like me lol!
( I really should just stick to one hobby! ) LOL

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