Great buys!

Several weeks ago Hobby Lobby was having their HUGE 80% sale. Well of course at the time we were doing our best to "not spend what we don't need to" so I stayed as far away from that store as possible.

Well, now that school starts back up soon I decided to head over there to see if their was anything left of the sale...I DID NOT have high expectations!

I was proven wrong! Instead of several aisles of sales their was only one aisle and it was very picked over, but I was able to grab a few awesome deals!

I got both of these pillows for a total of $7.00!! (originally the flower one was $40...I would say I got a deal!)

Candle sticks....$2.00 each and the roster trivet $4 :)

I didn't need a new rug..but for $4..I had to find a place for it. Right now it is at the garage entrance (which we use the most...however I might but it out back...we'll see).

I grabbed these LARGE frames for $4 each!

I also had read 320 Sycamore and she mentioned that her Target was having their 90% sale... well mine wasn' least not yet, However I did grab a few more goodies!

I got 2 July 4th wreaths for $3.75 each! And the "Welcome" sign for $1.50 :)

I also snagged several clothes everything was a $1.50...except the was $3.00 :)

While I was in Cali...we made a stop (okay a few) stops to my Grandma's Dollar Tree. I swear they really have better things at her store! They had freezer section filled with food! She got a bag of scallops for a $1.00!!!!! Okay enough ranting..

I did pick up 3 of these water bottles...I did add the vinyl E courtesy of my MIL :)

I also got these ADORABLE bathing suits for Aubrey .... yes at the Dollar store! Oh how I LOVE THEE!!!!!

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