A Green Birthday

Okay, my title is a little cheesy but I wanted to join another photo challenge this week.

We had our choice between green , chair or hands. I decided on green.

These babies will actually become the best tasting oranges in Phoenix in a few months, or so I'm told by our neighbors! They do swear that our orange tree is the best in Phoenix!

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Monday was also my FIL, Dave's, birthday.

My MIL invited us over for an enchilada dinner. I have got to get this recipe. I could make the best enchiladas in town but they would not compare to Suzie's recipe. My husband LOVES them!

Another hoops and yoyo card.

Dave got season one and two of Mad Men.

(can we watch it when your done HA!)

PopE and the grandkids :)

HA! Sorry Dave...I had too :)

Cake time!

Yummy cake and ice cream!!

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