Happy Birthday Trey!

You are my baby boy and over night it seems you have turned into a little boy!

God forever changed your daddies and my life forever when you were given to us.

You have showed me how to be less selfish, more forgiving and to be able to love more deeply!

You made us a mommy and daddy and we are forever grateful!

What are you doing at 2 Trey?
  • Running and swimming
  • Talking up a storm!
  • Loving and kissing your sister
  • LOVE listening to daddy's CD
  • Loves to drive in "mommies and daddies car"
  • You are getting quite sneaky!
  • You are very musical...playing the drums and daddies guitars.
  • You are hiding things and crossing your arms when your angry..it takes all I have not to laugh or crack a smile :)
  • You LOVE Elmo and Baby Einstein
  • You can count to 3 (sorta)
  • You love salad and anything that has "dip" aka ranch, bbq sauce, ketchup etc.
  • You bow your head and hold your hands to say prayers and yell Amen and clap at the end!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, energetic, comical and loving son!

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