A hodge podge post

Well I had no better way to explain it HA!

Okay first I hate to brag.....but

guess what I picked up this week......

I have an ALL day class on sewing and embroidery on Aug 5th so no projects until then :(
I should probably learn how to use the darn thing so I don't break it the first time I use it!

Because of all the gifts David has bought me LOL and my speeding ticket.... and Coach purse......wait you didn't read that HA! (I was at the Outlet store for Coach so really I saved my Husband money HA! and 66 is really not that fast on the freeway..really 55 should not be the limit in a large metropolitan city like Phoenix!)

David has been walking around calling it the "Summer of Ashley"

(That's some of my lavender from the festival in California)

Anybody watch Seinfeld????

Here's a clip

Okay enough embarrassing myself

I will share a recipe :)

While in California my Uncle loaded my mom and I with squash..I mean these things look like they are on steroids! The awesome part is they are grown on their property and totally organic!

So needless to say I have zucchini coming out my ears. So I tried one of my grandma's recipes for stuffed zucchini.

I just made one little change. I used vegan imitation meat instead of real meat HA! Did any of you know I am an on again off again vegetarian?

Well I am and I have been while we were married. David never really liked when I made vegetarian meals, I will clarify anything I made with soy lol! He would never say it to my face but when ever I used vegan products, lets just say he never had seconds for dinner :)

Well I was going to not tell him about the "meat" but dang it he watched me put it together. But after some grief (LOVE YA BABE) he ate it and guess what....

he had seconds... and guess what....

he had it for lunch the very next day!!! He even has agreed to me making more vegetarian meals throughout the week!

I am not turning full vegetarian again..not yet....

see I bought A LOT of meat over Memorial day weekend (There were some AMAZING sales!) so maybe we will change our diet once we eat our way through the 5 rack of ribs and I lost count of how many steaks and chicken tenders are in the freezers :)

Yes I said freezers....I am sooooo turning into my grandma (she has 4 freezers..I kid not!)


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