Home from vacation!

What an awesome time we had, I can't wait to post pictures of our vacation in California.

It got me thinking and remembering our vacation last year! My husband, Trey FIL and MIL went on a road trip up from Arizona to Idaho, then down through California...Pebble Beach..oh ya!

I decided to post some awesome pics of our time last year! Enjoy!

Just a little side note as well. I saw this on her blog and tried it when I was packing for vacation this year. OMG I LOVED it!

No more digging around messing all your neatly packed clothes to find the matching bottoms.

All I did was place each outfit in a gallon size Ziploc and voila...packing made simple! And for Aubrey I placed the coordinating bow in each of her bags :)

ADD much ...nah just a great tip I learned out in blogland!

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