I wanna go back!

Okay the weather here in Phoenix is enough to want to go back to Templeton!

My vacation was amazing, the only thing that would have made it better would have been having David with us. He was the worship leader at a camp in Riverside the same week we were gone.

The first morning we were there horses came up to the back of my grandparents property. Between the horses and the morning fog, it made for a few amazing pictures!

Trey even got to feed the horses too!

The weather was perfect! I does get hot in Templeton during the days (90's) but it cools off in the evenings into the 70s.....its a dream! And to make it better the coast was 75 degrees all day!

San Simeon Beach

The best beach food ever!

Hearst Castle!

We were their twice!

Morro Bay

Morro Rock

My grandparents live in a small (and I mean SMALL) town but they are located between to large (sorta) towns. Paso Robles is one of those. They had a Lavender Festival while we where there and it was AWESOME! I forgot pics of course though!

Happy 85th Birthday Grandpa!

Uncle Biff...King of the grill!

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