My baby girl is 5 months!

Has it really already been five months?!?!

Aubrey, you really need to slow down! Their is no rush to grow up! I truly can see in her eyes that she is counting down the days until she can chase after her brother! It's true, you should she the way she stares at him!

This picture says it all HA!

So Aubrey what are you up to these days?
  • You have found your feet!
  • And your thumb...see previous post HA!
  • You crack up at every silly face mommy or daddy makes
  • I squirm a lot! You are always in a new position from when I lay you down!
  • No solid food yet....I might cry when that day comes!
  • You have slept through the night since about 11 weeks
  • However you still sleep in our room....again its killing me how fast you are growing up! I can't part with you being in your own room yet...its pathetic I know!
  • You LOVE watching the fan!
  • Your drooling up a better not be teething anytime soon...I couldn't bear it.. I love your toothless smile to much right now!

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