A party for Trey

My baby boy is 2!
Where has the time gone??

It seems like you should still be a baby ... but over night you went from being a baby to a little boy! I boy that I am so proud of!

We had a small birthday party for him on Saturday.

Birthday parties can be so expensive so we decided that this year...family only and decorations from the Dollar Tree!

It was doable for a Sesame Street obsessed little boy!

Hot dogs were on the menu! Yumm!

And a cookie cake!

He got some amazing gifts from everyone!

A water table...He was actually sitting in it later that night playing in it without the water HA! Wait till I put water in it..he won't know what to do with himself!

Big wheel with personalized AZ plates lol!

Opening his drum set from mom and dad!

Daddy putting it together.

He's a pro!
Thank you everyone who came and for all the wonderful gifts! Trey is having a blast with them ALL!

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