Lunch and a new sew station

Last Friday (Friday the 13th to be exact) I headed out with my mom for a little ladies day out with the kiddos! she had training all week for school and was given Friday we did what any right minded woman would do....had lunch and shopped!

We headed over to Sweet Tomatoes ..well because it is good on the wallet (kids are free and I get a discount with my zoo membership) and good on the waistline!


I know I have done a post on how much Trey loves this place ...but it cracks me up how much the kid love salad and"dip" aka ranch dressing.

I was actually really good that day and really didn't do much shopping I just got a few needed thing at Joann's (I have a feeling we are going to be great friends with this new hobby of mine!). Summer of Ashley is officially over but thrifting is still always an option!

Which brings me to this beauty!

I was wanting to find a desk for my sewing machine. I had a budget of about $20.00 and I wanted it to be a piece of furniture so I could have it out in the open.

I saw her and was debating whether she was worth the $19.00 ( it actually was $15 after a coupon I had!) I figured what the heck.. a dinner at Jack in the box for 2 people cost about the same for this desk!

I thought I would have to sand and paint it but NOPE....just a little dusting spray and polishing was all she needed! Right now she is in my dinning room with my Grandmothers china hutch. It mathces perfect.

I know how pathetic does my hutch look! I need to start placing my china actually in my hutch! Note to self start on this project asap and before you post anymore pics about the hutch!

I know a desk in a dinning room??? but I don't have a dinning set so I used the space wisely for now!

Happy Monday!
(I worked the whole weekend so today is my Saturday LOL!)

P.S. I linked up with Rhonda this week for Thrifty Treasures!

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