SOO fun!

I have been gettin crafty again!

I had my first sewing/embroidery class yesterday. And boy can I tell you how happy I was that I signed up! The user guide is very user friendly but it was sooooo nice to go through it step by step!

Here's what I made in class :)

I bought a few pretty colored thread today (I need to stock up though..thank goodness they had a sale $3.00 each compared to $6......Although I am going to see if Joanna's is cheaper!)

So easy in fact that I tackled a few random articles from home and started monogramming!!

An old onesie of Aubrey's

I know it is crooked and that her initials spell time I MUST make the T larger LOL!

Here is my second attempt.... I like the larger T but I need to make the A and E closer ....

And lastly an old kitchen towel. I need to try and make the initials a little larger...
I also realize that my monogram also stand for Drug Enforcement Agency...Thanks for pointing that out Ian (my younger brother LOL)!

o well a little more practice.

Watch out family and friends you all might be getting a LOT of monogrammed items for birthday's, Christmas etc.!!

I have officially taken over the kitchen table.

I might set up a sewing area in the play room....or dinning room... or office. We'll see what looks better.

I can tell you though I am headed to the Dollar Tree today for $1 onesies and kitchen towels to practice on!

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