So if you follow any creative/crafty blog out there, then I am pretty sure you have seen this new idea from Dollar Tree items.

I would say what blog I saw this off of, but I seriously have seen it on SEVERAL blogs!

Okay first you buy two glass candle sticks.
Then you buy two large vases.
And lastly you put them on top of each other....


$2.oo hurricanes!

I was actually to impatient to go out and buy gorilla mine are actually not glued together yet but I am about a 100% sure they will look the same HA!

I don't have them any where at the moment..but since fall is right around the corner I am sure I will display them full of little pumpkins somewhere in the house!

I hate to wish time away, but I have to admit I am looking forward to fall. The smell of fall candles burning, fall decor and cooler weather :)

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