The Real June Cleaver

Okay, I have a confession to make.

I am a little overwhelmed HA!

I know most mommy blogs out there don't publish their chaotic lives. We only share our crafts, cute kids and beautiful homes. No one wants to read about the dirt and grim on your bathroom floors or the horrible smell coming from their kitchen sink!

But, the last two weeks have been crazy! I have been taking a class at work this week added onto my normal work schedule. Plus family was in town so we tried to spend time with them.

It doesn't sound like much but when you are moving at 1,000 miles/minute one little bump can throw my whole "world" spinning!

This is one of my first days off from EVERYTHING! I woke up and realized what a disaster my house was. I usually menu plan but had not done one for the fact that we where out all last week (which then that led to unused produce that is now bad!!!!).

The laundry was SKY HIGH!!!

I am also in a photography class and totally forgot about it until this morning. It is just for fun but I also what to get the most out of it.

I also need to finish editing the pictures I took of my girlfriends kiddos.

I had a few sewing project to do for baby showers that I have yet to do!

And of course on top of that I haven't BLOGGED! Which usually is a stress relief for me but in this case I was totally overwhelmed to even type a few words out.


I am finally starting to get back on track.

My menu is set for the next two weeks.

The laundry is not finished but under control.

I have blogged (HA!)


I am catching up on my Y&R while I clean the house!

This is more like it!

I just need to finish editing pictures and work on my class and I might have survived this little glitch :)

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