Playing around

So a friend of mine, Danny, told me about another editing tool called Lightroom. It's through Adobe and I think it is like a few steps down from Photoshop. I was able to download it for free for 30 days.

So of course since we all had the sniffles and we were stuck inside...

we had a photo shoot!

Again I have NO IDEA how the professionals take pictures of a 2 year old! Lets just say I will NEVER get a posed picture of him until he is like 5..I'm guessing :)

So here are a few I edited with Lightroom.

I like it but for just a hobbyist I think I might stick to the free editing tools. I will save my money for a 50mm lens ;)

Speaking of cameras look what I enrolled in!

I took her class last month on basic photography so I am stoked that she is offering one on DSLR's ....Now I might finally be able to shoot in manual!!!

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