Show us where you live.....Our new home!

Okay so last year I participated in Kelley's home tour and I am soooooo excited she is doing it again!

If you have been reading this blog for a little while you know that we moved back in December.

This is our dream home.

However, we are currently renting...which leaves me with some restriction on what I can do to decorate. I can paint, but I really do not want to put the $$$ and effort.

But, It was almost already prefect so it has made decorating easy!

Okay onto pictures. (p.s. if they are over exposed or under, I am sorry I am learning to shoot in manual mode...I need the practice!)

Here is our Master bedroom (suite). It was built in 1966 and has soooo much character!

This is an awesome built in linen closet! (I would show you what I have stored but it is slightly a wreck and frankly its embarrassing HA!

This was taken on our honeymoon...can you believe how YOUNG we look :)

So as a side note I have a small obsession with changing out my bedding. For example I have been married 5 years and I think my total bedding set is now 7....I might be forgetting one though.

HOWEVER..I buy them all SUPER cheap!

This was my previous one, I had the white quilt spread out and this floral one and the end of the bed. It was and is still one of may favorites (besides my wedding one). However, I needed a change and found this red one at Ikea for $15!

But yet again I was at Target the other day and found this fabulous brown toile quilt for only $15 and the matching shames for $3.75!!!!!!!!!

I might be changing it out again soon!

And because I missed last weeks living room edition, I decided to throw a few pics in this post too!

Apparently Taylor, our cat, wanted to make an appearance in almost every picture!

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

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